We have commercialised - 4-Morpholino piperadine which is an intermediate in Alectinib Our new facility will be ready by End April 2018 We are strong in the Intermediates of Quetiapine/Aripiprazole/Terbinafine/Domperidone

About Us

Allchem Laboratories was incorporated in 2003 by Mr. Bipin Patel who is a M.Sc. in Organic chemistry from M.S. University of Baroda from 1994 batch. He has a vast experience in bulk drug industry for the past 20 years.In the year 2003 he started with a small laboratory and a pilot plant making mg-gm-kg level molecules. Through his vast RND experience he has made around 300 molecules and also started exporting the same to Europe and USA. Over a period of time he started getting bigger orders (kg-MT levels) and hence he thought that it was time to set up a bigger plant to fulfil the requirements of his customers. So in 2010 he bought a piece of land in the same premises and started to build a plant with higher capacity. In 2013 this plant was commission with all the legal permissions taken from various departments. It also holds an inhouse Qa/QC department.

Now in 2016 we have demolished our old RND and pilot plant and have started expansion of a new one with higher capacity and workforce.Our future plans are to expand our current production capacity with larger volumes.

Our Philosophy


Allchem Lifescience Pvt Ltd focusing on following area

Generic API Intermediates 50%

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Our Strength

Allchem Lifescience Pvt Ltd has a wide spectrum of Reaction Capabilities that can be intelligently combined to open up new opportunities for complex molecules

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Try to be one of the best suppliers for KSM (key starting material for API) and advance Pharma intermediates.

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Deliver excellent quality through continuous research and development to satisfy customer needs on time.

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