We have commercialised - 4-Morpholino piperadine which is an intermediate in Alectinib Our new facility will be ready by End April 2018 We are strong in the Intermediates of Quetiapine/Aripiprazole/Terbinafine/Domperidone

Director Desk

Mr. Bipin K Patel 

M. Sc. (Organic Chemistry)
Experience 23 years in custom synthesis

I am pleased to share with you that since our inception, we have focused on doing reactions instead of production and solving the challenges of the process manufacturing industries through innovation in our research and development areas. We have been consistently investing in technology & resources to enhance the efficiency of our products at commercial levels. As a result, in the last three years, our efforts have resulted in enhancement of the facilities which is suited for all kind of chemicals reactions and in the development of Pharmaceuticals and Specialty Chemicals.

And, for this, I take this opportunity to convey my appreciation to our excellently talented team and Partners for their dedication and sincere efforts to bring Allchem Lifescience Pvt. Ltd. in fast track position with in short span of time..

ALLCHEM LIFESCIENCE PVT. LTD. are always committed for development, optimization and manufacturing of superior organic fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates in order to meet the changing needs of customers from time to time.

  • Satisfy our customer’s needs and expectations.
  • Focusing on innovation through continually new improvement in Research & Development to minimum usage of natural resources and also remain intact during the manufacturing of the products.
  • Enhancement of Quality, Safety and Efficacy/Efficiency of our products.
  • Ensuring the Quality of Product and services to our esteemed Customers.
  • Promoting awareness by regular training and other programs and make great place to Work.
  • Committed for effective implementation of QMS.

I am confident that our sincere commitment of providing good quality and timely delivery of products will go a long way and get appreciation from API manufacturer, specialty chemicals users, catalogue houses and API innovator to make as a partner for their success.