We have commercialised - 4-Morpholino piperadine which is an intermediate in Alectinib Our new facility will be ready by End April 2018 We are strong in the Intermediates of Quetiapine/Aripiprazole/Terbinafine/Domperidone

Quality Control

This department focuses on:

  • Finished products which meet specifications depending on the requirement of its customers or as per the international standards.
  • Calibration of all the instruments on regular intervals.
  • Raw material, in-process and finished product testing etc..
  • Method validation, Impurity isolation and characterization.
  • Physico-chemical properties, Stability studies
  • Thin layer chromatography, Karl fisher’s instrument for moisture analysis.
  • Titration facilities (Perchloric titration, Acid-Base titration, Halide titration ).
  • Melting point-Boiling point equipment, Ultrasonic Bath.
  • IR, GC-MS, NMR support for analysis.
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