We have commercialised - 4-Morpholino piperadine which is an intermediate in Alectinib Our new facility will be ready by End April 2018 We are strong in the Intermediates of Quetiapine/Aripiprazole/Terbinafine/Domperidone


  • To develop technologies for new products.
  • Define Route of Synthesis and making ROS, list of Raw Materials, Catalyst, Solvents, Impurities in finished products.
  • Design process in such a way that customer specification achieved.
  • To establish processes in laboratory for products to be scale up.
  • Products development for improving quality and environment.
  • Simplified process.
  • Versatile and flexible manufacturing modules with all the lab wares.
  • Fully equipped with fume chambers.
  • 4 Separate synthesis laboratories.
  • Laboratory area : 3500 sq. ft
  • Fume chambers : 16 Nos.